Times at the official Fight Night Champion Forums get rough, and at these times moderator c45h dispenses his rather passive guidance over the forums, resulting in thread and post deletion or edits.

c45h rarely ever speaks on the forums, and the times that he does sometimes results in a display of distaste for what a forum member might be saying or doing. The spam of notable forum member xx-BOSSED-xx and his cohorts have blatantly caught the attention of moderator c45h, and soon the spam is wiped away from the forums for the next few hours until it undoubtedly happens again.

c45h seems to be a rather mild-mannered individual, and the series of ironies that plague the forums don't escape him. He seems to look upon the unsettling spam and hateful posts of the forums with annoyance, and plays a rather passive role in the deletion of the threads and posts which carry these traits.